Game Court
GameCourt® is a seamless polyurethane, dual durometer multipurpose indoor sports flooring system. The GameCourt® system features a recycled
rubber based mat and polyurethanes that are 100% free of mercury and heavy-metals creating a floor that’s as safe as it is durable.

The dual duromoter construction of GameCourt® provides excellent shock absorption, constistent playing characteristics, excellent ball rebound, durability and a high resistance to rolling loads.

  1. Matte Finish Top Coat Layer
  2. Durable Wear Coat Layer
  3. Seal Coat Layers
  4. Shock Absorbing Rubber Base
  5. Adhesive Layer

GameCourt® Multipurpose Indoor Sports Flooring System is available in 6mm-17mm thicknesses.

Standard Colors

Basalt Grey 7012

Silver Grey 7001

Platinum Grey 7036

Grey Beige 1019

Beige 1001

Pebble Grey 7032

Oxide Red 3009

Pigeon Blue 5014

Himmel Blue 5015

Pastel Blue 5024

May Green 6017

Line Colors

Red 3001

Orange 2010

Yellow 1018

Blue 5005

Green 6025

Black 9004

White 9016
Colors shown are approximations. Contact Moose Sports Surfaces, Ltd.
for actual color samples