Weight Rooms, Fitness Areas and Training Centers

Moose RubberRoll®


Moose RubberRoll®

Moose RubberRoll® is a prefabricated 4′ wide roll constructed of recycled rubber with EPDM color flecks.

Regularly used in weight rooms, Moose RubberRoll® is also well suited for fitness areas, cardio rooms, spinning rooms and athletic performance training centers.

The many color options available will readily coordinate with color schemes and equipment.
Moose RubberRoll® is an economical wau to enhance fitness rooms and is durable enough to hold up to high use and heavy weights.


Moose RubberRoll® recycled rubber flooring standard thickness is 8mm. 6mm and 9mm thicknesses are also available with limited color options. Custom thicknesses and custom colors and LOGOS are available upon request.

Standard Colors

100% Black

Color #00

10% Blue Fleck

Color #10-01

10% Grey Fleck

Color #10-02

10% Red Fleck

Color #10-05

10% Blue & Grey Fleck

Color #10-04

10% Red & Grey Fleck

Color #10-06

10% Yellow Fleck

Color #10-07

10% Purple Fleck

Color #10-09

10% Green Fleck

Color #10-32B

20% Blue Fleck

Color #20-45

20% Grey Fleck

Color #20-46

20% Tan Fleck

Color #20-97A

20% Red Fleck

Color #20-47

30% Blue & Grey Fleck

Color #30-103

30% Brown & Tan Fleck

Color #30-100B

30% Gold & Grey Fleck

Color #30-102

30% Grey Mix Fleck

Color #30-503

30% Green & Grey Fleck

Color #30-107B

30% Orange & Grey Fleck

Color #30-106

30% Purple & Grey Fleck

Color #30-101

30% Red & Grey Fleck

Color #30-104

95% Dark Grey Fleck

Color #95-502

95% Light Grey Fleck

Color #95-15A

95% Camel Fleck

Color #95-43A

Colors shown are approximations. Contact Moose Sports Surfaces, Ltd. for actual color samples

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