free-floating weight room flooring tile


red and black XtremeTile in weight room


XTremeTile® is a 1″ thick, 2′ x 2′ square tile made of recycled rubber with EPDM color flecks. XTremeTile® is installed as a free-floating system held together with a rubber blocking.

XTremeTile® can easily be installed over an existing floor, saving time and money. No adhesive is required for installation and because XTremeTile® is not glued down, damaged tiles can be easily replaced.

XTremeTile® is equipped with “feet” on the underside of the tile, allowing cables and wires to run neatly underneath while providing superior shock absorption and sound deadening.


XtremeTile® is a 1″ thick free-floating weight room flooring tile that is 2’X 2′ in size. Reducers are available to transition to other flooring.

Standard Colors

100% Black

Color #00

20% Blue Fleck

Color #20-45

20% Grey Fleck

Color #20-46

20% Red Fleck

Color #20-47

20% Tan Fleck

Color #20-97A

30% Brown & Tan Fleck

Color #30-100B

30% Purple & Grey Fleck

Color #30-101

30% Gold & Grey Fleck

Color #30-102

30% Blue & Grey Fleck

Color #30-103

30% Red & Grey Fleck

Color #30-104

30% Orange & Grey Fleck

Color #30-106

30% Green & Grey Fleck

Color #30-107B

30% Grey Mix Fleck

Color #30-503

95% Camel Fleck

Color #95-43A

95% Blue Fleck

Color #95-500

95% Light Grey Fleck

Color #95-15A

95% Dark Grey Fleck

Color #95-502

Colors shown are approximations. Contact Moose Sports Surfaces, Ltd. for actual color samples

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